Slither on


Slither on little snake,

slither on.

I see you there crossing my path

with your sleek vibrant green body

mesmerizing me by the

shimmering red scales 

along your tail. 

Intimidating me

with your perfectly formed sphinx pose

while sliding past me

as your beady eyes glare my way.

Slither on little snake

there is nothing to see here

simply a girl

unable to sphinx quite a high as you.

There is no competition here, 

slither on little snake, 

slither on. 


Look Up!

Heads down


on their



the screen



the smiles

the frowns

the nods




pitter- patter

down the hall


thoughts spinning

into a web


endless lists



yet to complete


to initiate


fingers clicking


to others

across the town

over the ocean






those smiles

those nods

those salutations


in the moment

the very present

passing you by

missed opportunities

lost interactions

never repeated



The End is Near

The counter




it falls once

maybe twice

In my bag it tumbles

from the bus seat




time and time again

Off the table




sometimes open

sometimes closed

From the couch




it tumbles down



After every


to the floor

the ground

the tiles

the rug

my trusty computer

shines it’s lights

with bravery

and pride

for surviving another

near-death encounter

The lives remaining


The end



Rainbow lines




across the screen


 my words


the end is near

The Transformation to becoming a writer

Year 1

“Hey Shaggers, I am doing a writing challenge, where I write everyday for a month, you should try it too!”

“Ennif, I can’t write.”

“Of course you can write, why don’t you check out and see what it is all about.”

“Okay. (yea right)”

Shaggers reads Ennif’s slices….Shaggers reads other slices…Shaggers starts a blog… Shaggers writes her first slice.

“I see you wrote a slice today, it was great!”

“Thanks Ennif, it was kind of fun.”

Shaggers writes 6 slices in 2012

Year 2

“Ennif! I am so mad at you, you didn’t tell remind me of the Slice of Life challenge!”

“Sorry Shaggers, I didn’t realize you were planning on writing this year.”

“Of course I planned on it!” (Ennif smiles)

“Well it isn’t too late to start!”

Shaggers writes 10 slices in 2013

Year 3

“Ennif it is almost time for the Slice of Challenge, I am so excited.”

“Me too, what will your first slice be about?”

“I don’t know but I have lots of ideas in my writers notebook, I can’t wait to get started”

Shaggers writes 31 slices in 2014!

From never writing, to writing everyday in just 3 Slice of Life challenges, all thanks and Ennif, of course!

My writing isn’t going to stop in March this year, but continue on through the year.

Well maybe not every day but most days.


Friendly Flyover

Plane delays are inconvenient, frustrating and exhausting. I have spent far too many hours wandering aimlessly around various airports, stretching out on the uncomfortable airport chairs trying to catch a few hours sleep as I wait for my rescheduled flight to board.

I received a phone call last night from my best friend in Shanghai, Jennifer, telling me that she was stuck in Hong Kong overnight.  I could empathize with how she was feeling, but that empathy quickly turned into excitement. She was stuck in Hong Kong and they were putting her in a hotel, not too far from my home! We immediately made plans for a visit in the morning. I knew she was disappointed to be losing a day in Nepal but her delay benefited me!

Jennifer made her way to our house in the morning and we attempted to go for a little walk but the uncooperative weather had other plans for us. Dodging raindrops, we made our way back to the maze of malls that surrounds my apartment and bought a few necessities to make enchiladas for lunch.  I whipped up the enchiladas (recipe here, SO GOOD) and put them in the oven to bake. Meanwhile, Jennifer setup our favourite game, Settlers of Catan. Jeezy, Jennifer and I swapped resources, built settlements, shared stories and snacked on enchiladas as the clock ticked by. As always Jennifer won, despite Jeezy and my efforts to block her at every turn. The time flew by and before I knew it, I was hugging her goodbye. 

Although the visit was short, it made Jeezy and I feel like she lived just around the corner from us again, just popping in in for a little visit. Plane delays are a nuisance but I was secretly happy about this one. 

A Shelf of Affairs

There is something about Hong Kong that has captured my heart. I am often asked what makes it so special. I never seem to find the exact words to describe my love for this tiny little place in the great big World.  The typical response tends to be about the beautiful scenery, the fast yet slow pace of life, the delicious food, the kind hearted and mostly polite citizens, the active elderly community, the balance of sky rises and nature, the public transportation system, the opportunity for travel, the treatment of teachers, the list goes on and on.

Today I was reminded of one thing that I always leave out, the libraries. Oh, the libraries! The floors upon floors of books. As a child I never appreciated the magic of libraries. The ability to have shelves upon shelves and floors upon floors of books at your fingertips is simply amazing, especially when they are all free to read. When I discovered that I could borrow books from the Hong Kong libraries, I was overcome with joy. I am pretty certain that I even did a little happy dance. Today I went to the library to return a couple of not-so-great collections of poetry and borrowed four new books.

The Outsiders, a book that I was supposed to read in Grade 8, but my teacher felt that it wasn’t appropriate for us to read and purchased us some Christian-y replacement literature.

Are you there God, it’s me Margaret by Judy Blume, beause I would really like to read all of the literature from Times Top 100 booklist. I am only at 13, so I have a long way to go.

A collection of poems by Sylvia Plath and the collected poems of Ernest Hemmingway, Jeezy picked these two after my failed attempt at finding some poetry that I could appreciate.

I don’t think I will ever be able to put into words how Hong Kong makes me feel but I do need to remember to add the amazing libraries in Hong Kong in my next attempt to answer that reoccurring question.   books