Bicycle Sightings

I am not fond of the blaring chinese classics attached to your bicycle.

I don’t enjoy the English pop pounding from your pocket.

I can’t stand the dogs dressed in the silliest outfits sitting in your strollers.

I hate your loud screeching voice screaming into the telephone speaker.

I do on the other hand enjoy watching you run backwards with your arms rotating round and round.

I like seeing you struggle with seven dogs running between your feet while you push three more in a stroller.

I love seeing you clap your hands above, below, behind and side to side as you walk down the path.

I can’t get enough of watching you throw yourself at top speed into various tree trunks

But most of all I truly love seeing you get chased by a stranger’s teeny tiny yappy dog in your outrageous exercise outfit as you continue to complete your backwards running paired with ridiculous arm circling while shrieking.

That I will take any day!




The Power of Silence

I need silence. Everyday.

Not for long.
Not always alone.
Not always crossed legged.
Not just while sleeping.


I need silence.

Any time.
On the floor.
In a chair.
On the subway.
At the table.
On the couch.
In the bath.
On the bus.

I need silence.

Silence my mind.
Silence my body.
Silence my thoughts.
Silence my worries.
Silence my excitements.

I need silence.

You need silence.

Be silent.


The Inspiration for this Piece



Rest in Peace Friends

I am sorry friends,

I didn’t recognize your calls for help,

I was not aware of your nightmare

becoming a reality in the comfort of your home.

Your mass exodus should have made me think twice,

your lifeless bodies on my floor should have made me realize.

I tried to change your food,

I moved your home to a warmer place,

but I didn’t realize that there were intruders in your home.

I am sorry that you had to watch your friends and family disappear,

One by one, torn apart by the ruthless monster in your room.

With all of you gone, my days will cease to be the same.

I will miss sharing my dinner with you,

I will miss bathing you each night,

I will miss tossing and turning you,

I will miss sharing you with my children,

I will miss each and every one of you.

I am sorry worms

I failed you.

Travel Now, Not Later, Now!

I sat in the hard plastic chair eating my breakfast

at the long table filled with strangers

who transformed into friends

thirty days of adventure through China

the end coming near

attempting to swallow that hour-old fried egg

travellers milling around the buffet room

sharing experiences

making plans

offering suggestions

crunching that cold crusty bread

taking it all in.

One more day

twenty-four short hours

ticking away

too quickly

washing it all down with the far too sweet orange juice

tuning into the conversations surrounding me

focusing on the elderly Alaskan man

having travelled  to hundreds of countries

offering advice to our group of new-found travellers




at me

me, taking my last bite of juicy pineapple

looking around

confirming his intention

me, he is talking to me

“You need to travel now. Not later, now!”



my perfectly paved future plans





as those words encircled me





How does he know

the questions running through my head


throughout this trip

He has given me the answers



A nod


his advice

Travel now, not later, now!

I wish I could speak to that Alaskan Man one more time. Two months after our brief interaction, I signed a contract to work in Vietnam. Six years later, I am still living overseas and travelling as he recommended.

He was right; travel now, not later. 

Fear is not a Factor, or maybe it is….

I am brave, independent and pretty darn tough!

I go for hikes in the jungle-like woods


I am not afraid of the poisonous snakes hiding in my path.

I do not fear the wild boars rustling in the bushes,

I am not scared of the monkeys bearing their teeth.

I walk through that trail,

smile on my face,

sweat dripping down my cheeks,

while my mind solves all of my problems

from the week past.

(rustle, rustle)

Shiver down the spine,

neck quickly turning,

eyes searching,

ears straining,

short screech.

Okay, well, perhaps I am just a little bit afraid,

but it hasn’t stopped me yet.

**A man once told me that a little bit of fear is important, it keeps us on our toes and keep us safe. The same man also said that I reminded him of Punky Brewster, so I wasn’t sure if I should trust him. **


Camping Complications



As the moon rises in the sky,

illuminating the tiny island on which I sleep.

The stars twinkle all around,

convincing me to abadon the rain cover of my tent.

The kayaks in the distance catch my eye,

inviting me to paddle through the night.

The phosphorescence sparkle in the water,

begging me to dance through their glittery magic.

The fire crackles in the distance,

drawing me in to warm my chilly toes.

The boars grunt in the bushes,

scaring me into the safety of my tent.

The cicadas sing from the trees,

drifting me off to dream land.

The rain drizzles from the clouds,

waking me from my slumber.

The struggle to attach my rain cover in the dark,

reminding me never to sleep without it again.